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UPCOMING: Okey Stevens Ofomata
Crocodile Tears

489 W Montana St, Pasadena, CA 91103

Opening Reception TBA
Tea and pastries will be served.

Bed & Breakfast is proud to present the multimedia work of Okey Stevens Ofomata, on view from March at our new Altadena home.

Who is left behind when the The Paladin comes swooping in?

Okey Stevens Ofomata’s work recurrently centers on heroism and survival; what occurs when a “hero” tries to rescue communities from disaster, ultimately failing to save everyone. The artist employs symbols such as alligators, which have been on Earth since the Triassic period, to address the resilience of black people. Various creatures of Crocodilian resemblance nod to the conspiracy theory which believes that there is a reptilian elite amongst us; extraterrestrial, shapeshifting humanoids with one objective: to enslave the human race. Crocodile Tears refers to the white savior who publicly “mourns” the deaths that they themselves have caused or enabled.

Ofomata lives in a dry climate where he comes into contact with a lizard every day.

The black male is seldom at the foreground of the work, illustrating fixed social complexities and systems put in place to intentionally harm and exclude. Characters in the style of Power Rangers and Batman are used due to their especially righteous appearance. Synthetic hair from wigs, broken concrete, old leaves, clothing fabrics, cardboard and other materials are applied on top of a paint and pastel base, giving the works a unique depth and tactility. In the spirit of pop-up children’s books, Ofomata creates a sensory experience for the viewer.


Okey Stevens Ofomata was born in Inglewood, CA and currently lives and works in Diamond Bar, CA while pursuing a degree in Animation. He posts on social media as @okkuyoro, a combination of his first name and his mother’s last name, Kuyoro.

For inquiries, available works, or to schedule an appointment to view Crocodile Tears following the opening reception, please contact Jacqueline Falcone at

Accessibility: This iteration of Bed & Breakfast is located on the second floor of a residential home. There are fourteen steps with a handrail before you reach the exhibition space. Additionally, the house has four steps leading to the entrance. We recognize that accessibility is an issue in this space and hope to remedy that in the future. Please feel free to reach out with any needs or concerns and we will do our best to accommodate.