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Help You Help Me
2.28.14 - 4.18.14

1. the use of one's own efforts and resources to achieve things without relying on others.

Lasting change is difficult-are most of our personality attributes firmly fixed?
How do I fix it? How do I make a sale? What are the secrets to successful home buying and selling? How do I lose weight? How can I relate? How do I get a job when my husband doesn't want me to, my children are still young, and I have no skills anyhow? How do I practice good decision-making? How do I deal with death and dying? What seven steps lead to happiness?

Works by:
Kevin Arrow
Cristy Almaida
Cristina Favretto
Patricia Margarita Hernandez
Misael Soto
Jiae Hwang

Kevin Arrow
"We're beautiful like diamonds in the sky
Eye to eye, so alive
We're beautiful like diamonds in the sky" -Rihanna

How many faucets does a diamond have? Usually more than we count. The more you study a diamond, the more you realize that it has many facets. Likewise with people, the more you get to know them, the more you realize that there are many facets to their lives. How often do we say, “I didn’t know he could do that.” The more we study people, the more interesting they become. They are like diamonds.

Kevin Arrow is a multifaceted artist living and working in Miami, Florida. His work has been widely exhibited in South Florida since the mid 1980s. He has exhibited his work at the Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami, the Miami Art Museum, the de la Cruz contemporary art space, The Art & Cultural Center of Hollywood, Bas Fisher Invitational, TwentyTwenty, The Girl's Club, Ft. Lauderdale, The Far Side Gallery and Carol Jazzar Contemporary, to name but a few. Kevin is an avid collector and Rihanna fan.

Cristy Almaida
Feeling Good repurposes three TVs, each defecting reception. On display, hair raising static that turns on, shameless and shell-less. Count on electrical hook-ups, mechanical heavy breathing, grinding glitches and finding a function in the dysfunctional.

By the age of seven, Cristy was a cocoa bean picker in the Ivory Coast. At age 10 she was adopted by an acclaimed American actor and now resides in Miami Beach. Cristy is extremely wealthy and eats free trade chocolate every day.

Cristina Favretto, who has been super-crazily crazily busy, with a cherry on top

In a culture where the phrase "I've been crazy busy" is a near-constant annoying go-to mantra, taking time to step out of oneself and help others has become a chore. Ms. Jacqueline Falcone is helping us help her to help herself, which is a whole lotta helpin' going on. Take time to take time to take time back...and help yourself become more helpful--hopefully.

Christina Favretto is the Head of Special Collections at University of Miami Libraries. She has held a variety of posts throughout the country, including Head of Special Collections at San Diego State University, Curator of Rare Books at UCLA’s Charles E. Young Library, and Director of the Sallie Bingham Center for Women’s History and Culture at Duke University. She has also worked at the Boston Public Library, Harvard University Libraries, and the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Additionally, Cristina is a performance artist, a new home-owner, and super punk.

Patricia Margarita Hernandez
I'm trying to make a sculpture.

Patricia is an artist and co-founder of the end/SPRING BREAK; a nomadic artist-run project committed to developing new modes of considering issues in contemporary art and culture within South Florida communities. For Help You Help Me, Patricia did indeed make a sculpture.

Misael Soto
when one thing is gone there are more things somewhere else.
only I can make me happy.
this work is an intervention in all areas of the home outside of the exhibition space (i.e. Jacqueline's bedroom).
denial, rejection, acceptance, and indulgence.

Misael Soto has shown at David Castillo Gallery in Miami, the Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale, and the Internet amongst others, and participated in HomeBase Project's HB Build Artist-in-Residence program in Berlin. Misael is represented by the Jacqueline Falcone Bed & Breakfast and currently resides at the Jacqueline Falcone Bed & Breakfast, Miami, FL.

Jiae Hwang
There's only 24 hours in each day. MAKE IT COUNT!!!!!

Jiae Hwang was born in Seoul, South Korea. She has participated in exhibitions at the Frost Museum, Miami, Miami Art Museum, MOCA, North Miami, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo del Norte de Miami, El Museo de Arte de El Salvador; El Salvador, just to name a few. Jiae will be relocating to California in March and needs all the self-help she can get.

Self-Help books courtesy of Bookleggers

Bookleggers is a mobile library, serving Miami with free books on a monthly basis at throughout the city. Bookleggers is founded and run by Nathaniel Sandler. Nathaniel is a book detective and contributing editor and writer at WLRN, writer at University of Miami Special Collections and Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science as well a contributing writer to worthy publications such as The Miami Rail. (6) copy.jpg (6).jpg dark living and dining.jpg the house copy.jpg bedroom.jpg