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The Tibetans Have a Word For That
5.31.13 0 6.30.13

Inspired by my return to Miami from Iceland, the Bed & Breakfast is no longer within my own home but at my temporary and indeed transitional residence. The works in the show will, in kind, explore the “in-between”: spiritual and physical intermediacy, as well as the liminality of personal existence, real and imagined places, feelings. Containing works by Catalina Jaramillo, Thelma Marín Jónsdóttir, Brad Johnson, Brookhart Jonquil, Janelle Proulx, Nick Ruiz, Samantha Salzinger, Magnus Sigurdarson, and Misael Soto, the show’s opening reception will feature a performance by opera singer Richard Pardon, with additional performances by Jenna Balfe, Oscar Bustillo, and David Brieske throughout the exhibition’s duration. Patricia Hernandez of nomadic art collective and space, Spring Break, will broadcast live radio from the space throughout the duration of the exhibition.