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March 23, 2014

in conjunction with Help You Help Me

Catalina has been practicing both yoga and meditation for several years in both her personal life and in her work. She is certified and ready to share.

Catalina Jaramillo’s work explores the universal notions of transience, loss, grief, oneness and impermanence. Through participatory installations that combine aspects of performance, video, photography and sound; she places herself in emotionally and spiritually trying states in order to overcome personal boundaries of pain and experience the mythopoetic transformational power of art.


For the past month, I have been recording the dreams of my Miami-bred friends as they relay them to me. It is an attempt to establish a highly unprofessional and overtly sentimental version of a Jungian case study: the collective unconscious of Miami, or, what do my swamp-dwelling brethren dream of when their heads are closer than ever to the coral beneath us?

I want to know your dreams, whether they are profound narratives or meaningless mental colanders, sifting through the dregs of your day. I want to know your dreams if only to remind myself that when we are sleeping, you and I are more alike than ever. I want to know them if only to know your humanity.

Monica Uszerwics is a writer and photographer living in Miami, Florida. She believes in developing a holistic understanding of the emotional, subconscious, and physical self, and the ways in which we are synchronized with the world around us. Through this understanding we can utilize—both metaphysically and physically—the common power within us to transform, transmutate, and become the most tender, strong version of ourselves. It is with these ideas in mind that that she examines the moments and personalities around her, hoping to maintain an unyielding softness so that she might better understand it all.